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What are the advisory boards for migration and integration?

The advisory boards on migration and Integration are democratically elected bodies that represent the interests of people with a migrant background in their communities. They are elected for five years and are expert panels for integration in your communities.

What are the advisory boards doing for me?

  • The advisory boards promote the equal coexistence of people of different nationalities, cultures and religions and contribute to the integration of newcomers.
  • The advisory boards advise municipal and city councils, county councils and the administrations with their own topics and ideas. They thereby influence municipal policy decisions on the topics of related to migration and integration.

Who is allowed to vote for the boards?

Eligible to vote are:

  • Foreign residents and thus also the so-called dual nationals, as well as stateless persons
  • Late repatriates,
  • Naturalized persons
  • And the children of the above-mentioned voters, if they are at least 16 years old on election day (birthday: 27/10/2003)

The eligible voters must be registered in their electoral area with their primary residence up to 27. July 2019.

Can I become a member of an advisory board myself?

Yes! You want to make a difference in your community? Become engaged as an advisory board member on migration and integration!
All residents of a county, city or municipality with or without a migrant background and regardless of their nationality from the age of 16 may apply.
Interested candidates must register with the local electoral office by 9. September 2019.

Do you have the questions about the election or your candidacy?

Inform yourself at
Tel. 06131 - 638435 E-Mail: agarpagarpde